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Best Price Yaskwa Ac Drive CIMR 1000series

Best Price Yaskwa Ac Drive CIMR 1000series

Model No.︰CIMR series

Brand Name︰Yaskwa

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 300 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

A1000 is a top quality drive: flexible, reliable and incredibly powerful. A product only possible from Yaskawa, knowing everything there is to know about the world of drive technology to create the most efficient drive possible.

Integrating tomorrow's features today, the A1000 is the world's smallest drive in its class with advanced vector control technology, next generation energy saving control, standard hardware baseblock function, removable terminal block with parameter backup function, and dual rated for normal duty and heavy duty applications.


Item Yaskwa Ac Drive
Model Cimr-A TO H series
Input voltage: AC 380V-480v
Input power 3ph
Input Frequency 47-63HZ
Output Frequency 0-600HZ
Current Current vector control, open loop
compliance RoHS compliance
tuning On-line tuning
operation Induction motor (IM) or permanent magnet motor (PM) operation
Function Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming via DriveWorksEZ
installation Side-by-side installation due to patented hybrid heatsink
backup Removable terminal block with parameter backup function
 copy function One-touch copy function with verify
scan cycle Super-fast 2 ms scan cycle with dual CPU
vibration resistance Increased vibration resistance, from 20 Hz to 50 Hz (0.65G)
failure rate 1 in 10,000 failure rate
noise Swing PWM function to decrease noise at low carrier frequencies
Other function Pre-maintenance function
communication Modbus communication
replacement Cooling fan replacement without tools
life MTBF: 28 years
SCCR Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR): 30kA rms symmetrical
programming common programming with all other Yaskawa drives

Payment Terms︰ TT

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